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A zinc mine work and camp facilities in the Yukon are available for purchase, with the hope that another mining operation in the vicinity will re-use the particular assets.

Wolverine Mine , located 282 kilometres northeast of Whitehorse , was previously a producing mine owned by Yukon Zinc Corporation, operating from 2011 to 2015.

Today, Welichem Equipment Limited owns most of the removable equipment at the Wolverine Mine. This equipment is now available for sale, including the entire mill infrastructure, power herb, more than 200 pieces of single items plus the get away designed to host more than two hundred workers.

“We’re hoping it gets taken by another mining operation in the area, ” says Welichem Chief Financial Officer James Dai. “If so , they wouldn’t have in order to re-engineer much, as long as this fits their resource. ”

Mill available for sale

The mill operated at a design capacity of 1, 700 tonnes per day, producing copper, lead and zinc concentrate. The entire work flowsheet plus operating plan are available for purchase, including all contents of the mill processing building, crusher creating and focus building, assay lab and batch plant facility.

The mill also comes with a fleet of the dozen Sandvik, MacLean plus Mine Cat underground mining equipment including haul trucks, scoops, scissor bolters and drill rigs.

“The asking price for the entire mill is $12 million, ” Dai says. “We’re seeking a single buyer or strategic partner for the particular entire work and not currently contemplating selling parts piecemeal. ”

Power plant for sale

The 10 MW power plant includes eight 1450 kw diesel generator sets, each rated at 1, 200 rpm with 1 . 3 MW of continuous power plus 1. 5 MW associated with prime power. The asking price for the power plant is $2 million.

Camp with regard to sale

The camping, with capacity for 250 people, is composed of six Northern Trailer dormitories as well as an administration building, kitchen and dining complex, recreation centre, mine rescue, first aid, mine dry buildings, core shack and training, communication and water treatment facilities.

“We’re seeking a single buyer regarding the whole camp plus not currently contemplating selling parts piecemeal. The selling price for the particular camp will be $1 million, ” Dai states.

Single item assets on the market

In addition to the mill, power flower and camp, also offered available on a piece-by-piece basis is over 200 property, including construction equipment, tools, vehicles and other assets worth over $2 million.

“It would be an economical and environmental tragedy if the camp and work weren’t taken by an additional company in the region, ” Dai says. “It would save them having to tear it down plus ship this out, as well as the environmental impact of having to build one somewhere else. ”

Wolverine Mine is accessible by a 45-minute charter flight with Alkan Air from Whitehorse to the my own site airstrip.

Vehicle access is via the Robert Campbell Highway, also known as Yukon Highway 4, which connects directly to the Mine’s 27km private access road. The total vehicle journey from Whitehorse to Wolverine Mine is usually 600km or even about seven hours in fair weather.

For a lot more information, please contact James Dai, Chief Financial Official, at [email protected] com .

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The 10MW power plant is for sale for $2 million.

The particular 10MW energy plant is for sale intended for $2 mil.

200+ single peice items are for sale, including construction equipment, tools, vehicles and other assets worth over $2 million.

200+ single peice items are for selling, including building equipment, equipment, vehicles and other resources worth over $2 million.