Tenna Announces Maintenance Work Order Integration With Viewpoint Vista – Construction Equipment Guide

Tenna's work order integration connects maintenance work order records in Tenna into the Viewpoint Vista ERP program.

Tenna’s work order integration connects maintenance work order records in Tenna into the Viewpoint Vista ERP program.

Tenna, a construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations, announced the release of the next phase of its existing integration by Ryvit with Viewpoint Vista to incorporate maintenance work order data sharing.

Tenna’s work order integration connects maintenance work order records in Tenna into the Viewpoint Vista ERP program. This integration empowers construction professionals to autonomously capture repair and maintenance costs (including parts and labor) and activity within Tenna which then automatically feeds to Vista. As a result, data is shared across multiple systems giving finance and office staff the information they need from the shop.

“This integration was developed in response to our customers’ wishes to streamline work between Tenna and Vista, avoid repetitive tasks and increase accuracy around work order data,” said Jose Cueva, co-founder and VP of product at Tenna.

“The addition of work order sharing allows Tenna to differentiate our offering with a deeper integration with this ERP for the construction industry.”

Tenna and Trimble-Viewpoint work together to make the lives of construction business owners and their teams simpler through integrations between Tenna and multiple Viewpoint ERP products facilitated by and through Ryvit, the company said. The work order integration is an even deeper integration between Tenna and Vista, specifically, expanding their existing integration offering that transfers assets, sites, location and meter readings from Tenna to Vista (hosted or within Viewpoint One) and Viewpoint Spectrum.

The work order integration helps contractors better capture the costs of repairs and gives Vista users full visibility over what happened in the field as well as the ability to add their own work in the office for invoicing and other purposes. It allows them to run accurate reports and transport accurate cost figures from their Tenna equipment management system to their ERP, so they know what they spend not just on material parts but also on mechanic labor associated with completing the repairs. Better visibility into these costs helps contractors better calculate their total cost of ownership around the equipment assets on their balance sheet.

“This integration, like Tenna and Trimble-Viewpoint’s greater partnership, solves a multi-milliondollar business need for contractors, making it easier for them to see where they are bleeding capital and helps them get better control over how they leverage their current resources to ultimately benefit the books,” said Russ Young, chief business development officer at Tenna

“Knowing more by seeing data clearly within the integrated systems and being able to better account for equipment costs and investments allows contractors to take strategic actions to own less, rent less, better maintain and optimize what they have, and deliver work more with less downtime, which leads to increased project margins and higher revenue.”

The power of this automated data flowing from Tenna into Viewpoint and Trimble products gives contractors, and specifically the accounting and finance teams, the actionable insight to accomplish this.

“Tenna’s equipment management platform unlocks insights for contractors like never before, and we’re proud to work with the Tenna and Trimble-Viewpoint teams to ensure that contractors can maximize those insights across their field and office crews,” said Tom Stemm, CEO at Ryvit.

“To date, we’ve worked diligently with Tenna’s impressive development team and a select group of forward-thinking early adopters to lay the groundwork for an integration profile that delivers unparalleled time-saving results with reliable, timely, and secure data flow.”

For Tenna, this advanced integration is another huge step in its mission to provide integration capabilities with key construction software systems that contractors heavily rely on. Integrations are an ongoing and growing need for contractors as they continue to add additional technologies and software into their business ecosystems; Tenna commits to staying ahead of this demand to remain the best construction-focused, integrated equipment management solution for the industry.

For more information, visit www.tenna.com.