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Chinese transmission and drivetrain manufacturer Greenland Technologies is throwing its hat in the equipment ring with its own line of all-electric, lithium-ion powered construction equipment, released under the moniker Hevi Equipment.

The launch serves as a rebranding of the company’s Greenland Machinery division and includes the GEL-1800 plus GEL-5000 electric wheel loaders and the GEX-8000 electric excavator. Hevi says it has ambitious plans to expand into other product lines.  

“It’s a sector that’s dominated by a very small handful of players, and they’re all diesel-focused, ” says Greenland Technologies CEO Raymond Wang. “The U. S. is a prime market for us in order to electrify. ”

The company started its research and development process in 2019 and quietly announced the entry in to the construction equipment market in early 2021, with the first products arriving in the United States at the end of last year.

Working along with partners was essential to ramp up production quickly while ensuring quality, notes Wang. Hevi partnered with the Chinese industrial heavy-equipment manufacturer on the mechanical components and CATL on the battery technology.

“Quality is super important from an adoption standpoint, ” says Wang. “For the particular critical components, which is the electric battery system plus the hydraulics, we didn’t want to try to take on that challenge ourselves. ”

Hevi says the electric equipment has 60% less maintenance costs than an internal combustion engine due to the reduced number of moving parts. Meanwhile, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers substantial cost savings over diesel fuel. The machines can work indoors or in sensitive areas, such as around animals, because they emit no emissions or noise pollution.

“Our products support a company’s environmental, social and governance goals, ” says Wang. “For our smallest vehicle, the equivalent diesel burns six to eight gallons of fuel per hour of operation. That’s a lot of carbon. ”

Hevi GEX-8000 electric wheeled excavator The GEX-8000 features a fully openable cab. Hevi Dig Series Electric Excavators

The 8-ton GEX-8000 has a run time associated with nine hours on its LiFePo4 lithium-ion battery pack and can be charged to full capacity in two hours from an optional 90 kW output charging facility.

Hevi says the electric excavator packs plenty of torque regardless of rpm. The machine has a motor power of 63. 2 horsepower, or 46. 5 kilowatts.

The GEX-8000 has a maximum digging force of 36, 878 pound-feet and a maximum digging depth of 7 feet seven inches. It has the maximum travel speed regarding 9. 3 mph when unloaded.

The equipment comes standard with a new fully openable cab, some sort of leveler blade, a color display plus air conditioning. Maintenance points are easily accessible, and a good quick hitch enables secure changing involving attachments.

While no telematics or machine control options are available at this time, Hevi has partnered with Cyngn to explore autonomous operation for future models of the products.

Heavy Equipment Electric wheel loader at a construction site Hevi Equipment

Load Series Electric Loaders

Two models connected with electric wheel loaders are available through Hevi, the particular 1. 8-ton capacity GEL-1800 or typically the 5-ton capability GEL-5000.

Like the GEX-8000, the loaders boast long operational capabilities, at eight hours for the GEL-500 and nine hours for the GEL-1800, in addition to fast getting. Both machines are powered by your LiFePo4 li ion battery. The GEL-1800 has a motor power with 102 hp, or 75 kilowatts, while the GEL-500 has a motor power of 160. 9 horse power, or 120 kilowatts.

The maximum dumping height of this GEL-1800 is 8 feet. The GEL-5000 has an optimum dump elevation of 11 feet 9 inches.

A 1. 31-cubic-yard bucket comes standard around the GEL-1800. The GEL-500 has a 3. 9-cubic-yard bucket.

The rear hood flips up for easy access to maintenance ports and the fuse box.    

Hevi Wheel Loader Charging Port for Lithium Ion Battery Hevi uses some CCS1 plug for its recharging port. Hevi

Purchasing and Servicing

Hevi is solely focused on often the U. S. market at this time, specifically your mid-Atlantic region due in order to the proximity to their North American headquarters inside East Windsor, New Jersey.

The models are commercially available for sale and even can be reserved together with purchased directly through Hevi. The direct sales model helps Hevi keep its prices competitive with diesel-powered equipment, the company says. The particular current lead time for a new machine is 6 to 8 months.

A five-year warranty within the battery will be standard. Should the battery experience a performance loss for 25% or greater within the first five years, Hevi will give you a new one, the exact company says.

To further set itself apart coming from major manufacturers, no proprietary parts are usually used on Hevi Gear. The manufacturer encourages owners to service the devices themselves or even through it is service partner TRG, a fabulous network about 54, 000 repair shops for that tractor-trailer industry. TRG’s technicians will be trained to perform preventative maintenance and additionally repairs upon all in Hevi’s electric equipment, according to Hevi.

“Not pursuing a dealership model allows us to make the vehicles as accessible while possible for our clients, ” says Wang. “If you want to replace an important tire, then have at it. It’s a standard size tire. Go get it by any wheel shop. Same thing with any side paneling, attachments or perhaps anything like that. Since we don’t have dealer support to cannibalize, we want to make it as simple as possible. ”

Interested buyers in Maryland will also benefit from the recent passing of the particular Maryland Clean Cars Act of 2022. The legislation, which goes into effect July 1, provides a consumer incentive that covers 20% from the purchase price for electric heavy industrial equipment sold in the state. Hevi says it is the only product line in the U. S. that falls within the category.

Heavy Equipment Electric wheel loader at a construction site Hevi Equipment Manufacturing Coming to the U. S.

Due to be able to ongoing supply-chain issues, typically the equipment is currently manufactured not to mention assembled within China, but Hevi plans to shift as much manufacturing for you to the Oughout. S. as possible.

Typically the company’s first U. H. -based assembly center may open found in Baltimore, Maryland in July. The 54, 000-square-foot facility will produce over 500 electric heavy equipment units per year when fully operational.

“We’re going to try to find as many local suppliers with regard to critical components, and ultimately, our future vision is usually that this vehicles will certainly then end up being not just assembled inside the Circumstance. S. yet made throughout the You. S. as well, ” says Wang.

Greenland Technologies began operations in 2006 under often the name Zhongchai Machinery around China.  

Quick Specs


  • Operating Weight: 18, 729 pounds
  • Bucket Capacity: 0. 33 cubic yards
  • Lift Height: 13 feet 9 inches
  • Digging Depth: 7 feet seven inches
  • Maximum Digging Force: 36, 878 pound-feet
  • Electric Drive Motor Rated Power: 63. 2 horsepower
  • Max Speed Unloaded: 9. 3 mph
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 15 inches
  • System Working Pressure: 28 MPa
  • Battery Capacity: 140. 95 kWh
  • Battery Voltage: 618. 24 V
  • Operation Time: nine hours
  • Charge Time – 90 kilo watt hour: 1 . 5 hours
  • Charge Time — 60 kWh: 3 hrs
  • Charge Time – 12 kWh: twelve hours


  • Load Capacity: 3, 968 pounds
  • Operating Weight: 11, 464 pounds
  • Battery Capability: 140. 95 kWh
  • Electric battery Voltage: 618. 24 V
  • Operation Period: 9 several hours
  • Charging Moment – 90 KW input: one five hours
  • Charging Time – 60 KW input: 2. 5 time
  • Charging Time period – 13 KW input: 13 hours


  • Load Capacity: eleven, 023 pounds
  • Operating Weight: 39, 683 pounds
  • Battery pack Capacity: 282 kWh
  • Battery power Voltage: 618. 24 V
  • Operation Time: 8 hrs
  • Charging Period – ninety KW insight: 3 several hours
  • Charging Moment – 60 KW suggestions: 5 time
  • Charging Time period – 12 KW type: 23. a few hours