BIC Auctions Announces Beccue Builders Retirement Sale: CEG – Construction Equipment Guide

Steve (L) and Don Beccue proudly stand beside their new Putzmeister pump truck — making concrete work a lot easier.

Steve (L) and Don Beccue proudly stand beside their new Putzmeister pump truck — making concrete work a lot easier.

BIC Auctions will host an online only retirement sale for Beccue Contractors Inc., a concrete contractor, in Altamont, Ill., on Sept. 21. Items up for bid include more than 500 lots of aluminum concrete forms, a pump truck, boom trucks, an excavator, the wheel loader, stone slinger trucks, trailers, support equipment and more.

Don Beccue began working as a carpenter and did concrete work in 1960. In 1971, he transitioned into the concrete ready-mix business, opening a plant in Altamont, Ill.

“I was 7-years old when he introduced me to the world of backhoes, mixer trucks, etc. and so, my career in the particular concrete industry began, ” said Steve Beccue, Don’s son.

In 1985, Don sold the ready-mix business and he and Steve worked together upon carpentry plus concrete function. In 1991, the pair chose to specialize in cement, changing the name of the business from Beccue Construction to Beccue Builders Inc.

“We began constructing basements, crawlspaces, pole barn foundations/floors, exterior flatwork, waterproofing, as well as providing concrete pumping service, and stone slinger support, ” said Steve. “We also do some commercial work, cement entrances, and also foundations for new farm co-op facilities. inch

Soon, Steve’s son, Adam joined his father, and the company became a three-generation business.

“My son, Adam, was connected to the world of concrete through birth, inches said Sam. “He worked well summers at Beccue Builders Inc. while in school and in 2012 chose to join the business full time. When Adam joined us, my dad primarily oversaw the particular shop. We are proud to be a three-generation concrete construction business.

“Adam and I worked together and cooperation with 18-23 employees, ” Steve stated. “While we had the equipment to complete the job, our company was defined by the employees and the hundreds of years associated with collective experience in the concrete industry that made us a great team. Many of these employees have been with us for more than 25 years. ”

With thousands of foundations under its belt, the company was committed to being hands on and offering personalized services. In many cases, the company did work for multiple generations of families, a testament to the particular quality services Beccue Contractors provided.

“We were devoted to providing solid foundations to build on, quality craftsmanship along with pride and integrity and to doing each job as if it has been our own, inch said Dorrie.

In 2020, Don Beccue and long-time, loyal employee, Danny Little, passed away.

“The world associated with concrete has never been the same, inches said Charlie. “However, in following my dad’s pattern of work ethic, I am striving to receive my 50-year working pin just as he did. Therefore , while We are retiring from the cement industry plus may or may not be seen on building sites, you will still find me within the working globe pursuing other adventures. I’m not quitting — just hanging up one hat and putting on another. I am grateful in order to everyone with whom I have had the pleasure of working with regard to and operating with. We recognize that will Beccue Builders Inc. could not have accomplished everything we’ve achieved without a good group of skilled employees because well since loyal customers. ” CEG